Hiking Tips for Beginners


The popularity of Hiking seems to be on the rise with the number of families and friends going on hiking tours seeing an increase every year. The benefits of hiking are immense and this explains the increase in hiking trips. While some people might not want to agree with the fact that hiking can be affordable due to the gears and other gadgets needed for a successful tour, the fact however remains that it is not very important or necessary to go for the latest gadgets to start hiking trails.

Hiking is so easy that even young kids and anyone that can walk a moderate distance can hike. It is however important that you ensure your safety and that of the company for a successful hiking tour. Being comfortable and safe while you hike would ensure that you do not only enjoy your first hike, but you go on to take on subsequent hiking tours.

For beginners, the following tips and gears would ensure that you are safe and you enjoy your first hike.


As far as hiking is concerned, cotton clothes should be avoided. Clothes made from synthetic materials and wool is best for hiking. This would not only ensure that you are safe as you hike, it also makes you very comfortable considering the temperature. Hypothermia could easily result from wearing wet cotton while hiking and such clothes should be avoided.

In order to get the very affordable clothing for hiking, outdoor clothing can be sourced from thrift stores and the following items should be included in your clothing list as you go shopping. The items include jacket, rain jacket, and a pair of dry socks, sweater, hat, shorts, and shirt. It should be noted that these items should either be made of wool or Synthetic Materials.


While you want to be as comfortable as possible as you hike, it is equally important that you take care of your safety regardless of the distance of the hike. A first-aid kit is a very important part of your preparation. Blisters can easily develop while hiking and in less than two hours of hiking, different injuries can occur. If you are unable to put your own first-aid kit together, there are kits that are already made and all you need do is to purchase the kit. Some of the items that should be found in the kit include bandages, antiseptic wipes, allergy tabs, and antibacterial cream among others.

Besides items to be found in the first-aid kit, other safety items you want to have in your collection would include a whistle, box of matches, sunscreen, insect repellent, map and compass, and flashlight.

Water and Food

Water is very important as you go hiking and especially for afternoon hikes, you might not need a special diet. You however want to have healthy foods or snacks in your collection and be sure to have some extra food with you in case your stomach plays a fast one on you.


This is probably the most important of all hiking gears after all; you hike on your feet. While having a good pair of running shoes would suit short hikes especially as you are just beginning your hiking experience, it would be great to get a good pair of hiking boots or shoes as you embark on longer and more difficult hikes. Just as important as they are, hiking shoes are probably the most expensive of the items needed to hike but you can be sure that the investment is worth it.

Hiking Backpack
This is an important piece that completes the puzzle. Hiking bags are very important and they should be able to carry all the items you plan to carry with you as you hike. These bags should be large enough and comfortable to ensure that the experience of hiking is not marred by your backpack.

There are a number of affordable hiking bags that can be gotten from stores but for beginners that intend going on short hikes and would want to save some money, any backpack around would do the job.

While the list above contains the physical items needed to begin and successfully hike as a beginner, you also need some inner strength in terms of positive attitude to go on with the task and enjoy the experience.